Animas River Spill – A Double Standard??

Last week, the United States Environmental Protection Agency “accidentally” spilled nearly three million (3,000,000) gallons of contaminated wastewater from the Gold King mine in Colorado into the Animas River.  The spill occurred when the USEPA cleanup crew “accidentally” breached a debris dam that was flowing at 550 gallons per minute. The wastewater spill turned the river into a lead and arsenic laden orange mess as the plume made its way downstream.

The spill will affect several states and potentially millions of people.  The Animas River is a beautiful river and provides drinking water and recreational opportunities to the communities along its banks.

Now here is the question – will there be a criminal investigation of the USEPA personnel?  If this were a private company that created the release, I would be willing to bet a king’s ransom (a Gold King?) that the USEPA criminal investigators would be one of the first on-scene.

Let’s see what happens . . ..

More later.

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