Decrease in Enforcement under the Trump Administration

Decrease in Enforcement under the Trump Administration

As if there was any real doubt, the New York Times (yes, derided by the current administration as fake news) reports that USEPA penalties against the regulated community “comes with an astersik.” See, Rise in E.P.A. Penalties Against Polluters Comes With an Asterisk, by Eric Lipton and Danielle, Ivory.

Despite puffing its chest with the release of data showing “a large increase in penalties against polluters,” in fact virtually every single one of these cases was initiated under the Obama administration.

Even assuming the correctness of the old adage artfully used by Mark Twain that there are “lies, damn lies and statistics,” the numbers themselves do not lie. The Trump administration is bringing fewer enforcement cases, both civil and criminal. And this is not a trend that will reverse itself under this administration under its “cooperative federalism.” Down-streaming enforcement to the states, who in most instances, do not have the expertise, man power or money, places the public at risk.

The American public should be concerned about the lack of enforcement.  Look no further than Flint, Michigan.

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