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OSHA Inspections

Are OSHA inspections different that USEPA inspections?  Not really.  OSHA is a regulatory agency of the Department of Labor and is committed to enforcing safety and health requirements in the workplace. 

Like the USEPA, there are a number of reasons why OSHA may conduct an inspection.  A fatality, an injury to an employee, a complaint, a news story, referrals . . . the list is virtually the same as what may trigger an USEPA inspection. 

In almost all cases, OSHA does not perform inspections with advanced notice (neither does the USEPA).  You can still refuse the inspection and require a warrant.  Most inspections are unannounced or random.  There are, however, four conditions when OSHA provides advanced notice: imminent danger;after business hours; management not present; and, the usual miscellaneous category. 

There will typically be an opening conference, interviews, a walk around, and a closing conference.

Next post will look at common issues you may face during an inspection. 

More later.

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