Firm’s History

Walt’s interest in the environment began when he was a teenager touring the national parks west of the Mississippi River on an extended family vacation. His interest in the law may be genetic, as his father and grandfather practiced law. Walt graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law in 1987. After law school, Walt moved to Dallas, Texas and focused his practice on environmental law. Since starting his legal career, Walt has worked in the private sector representing a variety of regulated entities covering a variety of environmental legal issues. After 17 years with large law firms, with the positive input and support of a group of outstanding clients, Walt founded James PLLC in March 2004.

About Our Practice

Walter D. James III has been involved in environmental issues since 1987. Walt, and those he selects to associate with, have unique legal and technical/educational backgrounds that allow James PLLC to provide legal services on any type of environmental issue. From representation of a small scrap dealer in Dallas on industrial waste management practices to representation of multi-national corporations on Superfund and remediation issues, there is a substantial breadth of expertise available to clients of the Firm.

James PLLC focuses its practice on civil and criminal enforcement, administrative, remediation and cost allocation/recovery and group representation aspects of environmental law. Our experience in working with environmental consultants on development of allocation approaches and settlement of large, complex environmental litigation has been of special benefit to our clients. We accept Federal and State court litigation matters focused on environmental and natural resource law (including all aspects of discovery, motion and trial practice).

We have found that our expertise in the technical aspects of environmental law will result in measurable cost-savings for the clients we represent. Many times, we are asked to work closely with some of the finest environmental consulting firms in the United States. Our ability to work with the in-house and outside technical expertise often results in a more efficient resolution to a dispute than the client may have experienced previously. We do not try to serve the role of environmental consultant, but our technical understanding of an environmental issue is generally well-received by the environmental consultants we work with. Our goal is to form a team consisting of the in-house legal and technical expertise supported by James PLLC and outside environmental consultants.

As with any law practice, the attorneys and paralegals who work at James PLLC have engaged in a wide variety of matters for numerous clients over the years. Expertise in working on environmental issues affecting all media is in many instances coupled with scientific expertise that assist clients and consultants in making sure that the best technical case can be put forth.

We are a small law firm by choice, with big-firm experience and capabilities.