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Citizen Suits and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Citizen Suits and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans Enforcement by the USEPA is down by just about any metric measuring the enforcement of environmental laws.  This has left an enforcement void.  But that void is being partially filled.  Environmental groups and

A Terminal goes up in Flames – Are you prepared for the Aftermath?

The news this week was on the Intercontinental Terminals Company plant in Deer Park, Texas – and it was not good news. A fire, potential air exceedances, release of water and foam used to fight the fire – in general,

Worker Endangerment Takes a Criminal Leap

Worker Endangerment Takes a Criminal Leap On December 17, 2015, the USDOJ issued its memorandum to the numerous United States Attorneys’ Office announcing its new initiative for OSHA to increase the number of criminal charges in worker endangerment and worker

Voluntary Disclosures Now Subject to Public Disclosure

On December 9, 2015, the USEPA launched its eDisclosure Portal to receive and automatically process self-disclosed civil violations of environmental law on a streamlined basis.  Ever since the audit policy has been in place, the USEPA has encouraged the regulated

Animas River Spill – A Double Standard??

Last week, the United States Environmental Protection Agency “accidentally” spilled nearly three million (3,000,000) gallons of contaminated wastewater from the Gold King mine in Colorado into the Animas River.  The spill occurred when the USEPA cleanup crew “accidentally” breached a

USEPA Videos

USEPA Videos The USEPA Criminal Enforcement Division has several videos that are available on the USEPA YouTube Channel. The various videos are informative as to the various functions undertaken by the USEPA CID. More later. As always, feel free

USEPA Enforcement Priorities

USEPA Enforcement Priorities The USEPA does have set priorities for its enforcement programs.  If you have ever wondered what they were, here are the current priorities, both nationally and for Region VI.  The National Enforcement Initiatives are also the Office

Reporting Environmental Crimes

I periodically get inquiries from the blog scanners to the effect such as

Crimes and Hawksbill Turtles

On February 19, 2008, Wang Hong, a Chinese national, was sentenced in Denver, Colorado, to 167 days in prison and three years of supervised release after.  On January 3, 2008, Wang had pleaded guilty to federal smuggling charges in connection

A Call to Action

The following is a guest post from Gary Winston, Assistant State Attorney, Office of the State Attorney, Environmental Crime Unit, Miami, Florida. In 1993, at the urging of an aggressive, creative prosecutor, the (then) Dade County State Attorney